Trainee – LAMP Developers

Experience Requirement

  • Basic PHP concepts
  • Any database like mysql, postgreSQL
  • jQuery will be a plus

Senior LAMP Developer

Depending on the experience and desired career path, the role could be of a standalone Sr. Engineer or leading a team of 5-10 Engineers.

Experience Required

  • Between 5 to 8 years overall
  • Minimum 3 years with Laravel & Lumen
  • Minimum 2 years with Javascript Framework
    (Vue/ Node/ Angular/ React)
  • Hands on experience with LARAVEL, PHP, VUE.JS
  • Must have deployment experience in conjunction with a linux system-admins
  • Preferably 3 years of work-experience with international clients/ project/ product
  • Cross border experience and launching, running services in multiple countries
  • Personality traits of People Leadership, Habit of Research & Reading on a range of topics

Must have passion for coding and love to work as an individual contributor as well

Only apply if you consider yourself in top 20% of developers

MEAN Stack Developers

Experience Requirements

Minimum 2 live applications using Angular

Must have used TypeScript for Node.js and Angular

Experience: 5+ years for Senior Role, 2+ for Mid Level