High Performance Web Developers


We need to build a team of about 15 engineers – these have to be some of the most talented engineers, given the product will compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in quality and scale, likely to be top-5 app in most countries of the region.


Performance optimized app development would be the biggest expectation from all engineers on this team. The product requires working with Video Players, DRM, Large Downloads, Caching, Codecs, and Fast/smooth UI development from dense data. The products needs to be very high performance, and take advantage of caching and local storage while minimizing processing loan on the CPU for lag less performance and optimized battery time.


There are 4 talent tiers; each team (Android, iOS, Web TV) will have ~5 members, with 1 member of each team in UAE/KSA and the rest offshore:

– Mid Experience (~3 to 5 years)
– Senior Developers (~4 to 8 years)
– Principal Developers (~6 to 10 years)
– Associate or Architects (~8+ years)

For the UAE/KSA Role

The plan for the UAE/KSA role is:

– Start from Pakistan while waiting for UAE residency visa (takes about a month or less)
– Move to UAE for few months on residency visa
– Move to KSA from approximately January 2024

The UAE and KSA packages are generous enough for a full family move, either from Pakistan or from Europe and other regions.