Wondering what NextGenI is like behind office doors?

Health & Well Being

–  Takaful Health:  A comprehensive health package with Self, Spouse, Children, and Parents, with full coverage of pre-existing conditions for everyone including parents. 

–  Takaful Life: Compensation worth 60x salary, in the unfortunate case of loss of life or limb, for the next 5 years via our partnership with Takaful.


–  Our salaries are generally in the 75th percentile of the industry

–  USD-pegged monthly bonus for 2022


–  20, 30, 50, and 100 Liters of fuel benefit offered to all team members as of July 2022.


–  MS Sponsorship of up to 50% of tuition fee.

–  Training & Certification Reimbursement.


–  No probation period; all benefits apply from 1st day of joining


–  20 annual paid leaves, unspecified so they can be used as vacations or casual leaves with no sandwich policy

Maternity & Paternity Leaves

–  1 week of paid Paternity leave

–  3 months of paid Maternity leaves 

Umrah & Hajj Balloting

–  We aspire to send 5% of applicants every year for Umrah or Hajj and hold balloting every quarter to decide a winner for 10-day full paid Umrah trip


–  Easy to acquire loans for small and big life expenses, from purchasing a solar plan to car or even a home.


–  A remote/hybrid work environment, depending on job roles and functions.