Vision & Mission

About NextGENi?

Next Generation Innovations is a boutique software consulting firm which works with Tech Startups & Digital Transformation teams within Enterprises to create the best tech products


Creating exceptional tech products while maintaining an unparalleled tribal culture and the highest regard for professional principles.


Creating the technology so you can create history.  


Everything is rooted in amanah

Everything we do is deeply rooted in the concept of amanah. Your time, talent and resource are an amanah onto us, and we respect and protect it at all costs. A moral compass determines our direction as people and as a company, and we don’t compromise it for anything.

We’re a Tribe

To belong is the most intrinsic human need. We have a close-knit, tribal culture at work, where we stick together and look out for each other. The tribal culture breeds loyalty, a shared vision and an egalitarian ethos in all of us.  

Experiment, Fail, Learn and Innovate

Explore, experiment and make mistakes, but dont make the same mistake twice. Learn from the old mistakes, so you can have room to make new mistakes going forward. 

Have fun through work

We work hard, meet impossible deadlines, and pull off the most complex projects. But we never forget to have fun in the meantime. Ours is an adventurous, spirited group, who enjoy frequent road trips, events and celebrating the smallest of moments of each other.

Value Inclusive

We have a geographically, religiously, ethnically diverse team. Everybody brings something new to the table and part of our success lies in the variety of viewpoints, perspectives and approaches we have in our teams.