10:33 Tuesday, December 12

Next Generation Innovations is a Software Product Development & Support Company. We do complex Business Software & Consumer sites in Real Estate, Finance, Payments and Social Networking.

We also run a dedicated Technology Product Support division under the name of Help Me.

We invite you to read about Domain expertise, Engagement models and Case studies - and decide if NextGenI can be your partner in your next Web Software, Mobile App or Tech Support venture.

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Optimists quote that half the Fortune 500 companies were formed during recession years. That’s the only thing common between us & those 250 companies. We were founded in middle of 2008 in middle of recession, just a few months before the Lehman Brother collapsed.

For the past 2 years, our customers know us for our passion to build their start-ups and our employees know us for our passion to build our customer’s start-ups!