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Next Generation Innovations is a Software Product Development & Support Company. We do complex Business Software & Consumer sites in Real Estate, Finance, Payments and Social Networking.

We also run a dedicated Technology Product Support division under the name of Help Me.

We invite you to read about Domain expertise, Engagement models and Case studies - and decide if NextGenI can be your partner in your next Web Software, Mobile App or Tech Support venture.

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We have a very practical office on a single floor spanning nearly 12,000 square feet of working space for 200 employees.

Each customer team gets their own ‘floor’ – a large room with open cubes for all team members. These floors can seat up to  20 employees each.

There is an in-house cafeteria, TV room, training facility and tier-2 server room.

Each computer system has a back-up UPS allowing for uninterrupted work, and most employees use laptops. The facility has a back-up power generator with 24 hours of fuel available on-site. Facility currently operates on a 24×6 basis.

The location is very central allowing for commute time of less than 20 minutes for 90% of our employees. Several Media companies are occupying other floors which results in very good Fiber connectivity.